Little Punk Mix
Little Punk Mix


This story is based off the photo edit by pezzaedwardoox. This is the first ever story I’ve ever posted on tumblr so please be nice to me as I’m not used to this type of formatting and structure. (I tend to use Wattpad a lot, soo…) There will be several other parts to this story, so don’t…

Another thing One Direction based Marcel the Marketing Guy from, I swear to god.

Marty from Slaughter High (1989) & Marcel from Best Song Ever (2013)

Could it be this is where they got the idea for Marcel from? A boy who looks awfully similar and outfit and glasses even the personality; nerdy, not the most popular or anyone’s first choice. This is where you all are getting Marcel from, a nerdy boy who takes revenge back when some jocks teased him and dunked his head in the toilet. 

(Spoilers; in Slaughter High, you get to see his butt, like I giggled and my mom skipped past when they shown his penis buT)